Selected Project Summaries:

Raising Equity for a Micro-Lending Bank in Nicaragua


IDF was contracted a major development bank to develop and write the business plan for a bank in Nicaragua that was expanding its micro-lending activities. The development bank wanted to confirm that the micro-lending business was viable, and to support the Nicaraguan bank's growth with an equity investment.  The business plan and the actual results confirmed the viability of the micro-lending business, and the development bank provided a commitment of several million dollars in equity.  

Project Development:  Marine Construction in Colombia


IDF was contracted by U.S. marine construction firm to research and develop port projects in Colombia.   IDF identified the major government and private port and terminal operators in Colombia and arranged a week-long trip with client executives to visit with government and private concession holders in the ports of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta.   IDF's client was invited to bid on two projects and positioned itself for future project opportunities in Colombia.

Project Development:  Wastewater Treatment in Mexico


IDF was contracted by a U.S.-based environmental engineering firm to develop municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects in Mexico.  IDF helped the client to  develop alliances with selected regional construction companies and arranged meetings with over 20 municipal and industrial prospects in Mexico.  The client submitted three competitive bids, but was not the winning bidder.

Corporate Loan Recovery In Honduras


IDF was contracted by an international bank to pursue the collection of a loan provided to finance cement truck exports to a company in Honduras.   The company refused to pay, due to a legitimate dispute concerning the equipment supplied.  IDF met with the company owner, who agreed to settle for $525,000.  IDF obtained the bank's approval, and that amount was promptly repaid by the borrower.

Business Plan for the First Joint-Stock Bank in Kazakhstan


After U.S. investors purchased 50% of a commercial bank in Kazakhstan, IDF was retained to develop a "Western Style" business plan for the bank.  Pursuant to the business plan, credit and treasury policies, controls and procedures were implemented.  The bank grew rapidly and profitably, buyout offers were received, and the bank was sold to a European bank at a significant return to the investors.

Evaluation of a Greenfield Hydroelectric Project in Turkey


IDF was retained by a U.S. company to evaluate the merits of providing the equity for a greenfield hydroelectric project in Turkey.   During a brief due diligence effort we determined that the proposed EPC contractor (and Sponsor and local partner) did not have appropriate experience, and that the electric rate set by the power authority did not provide sufficient cash flow to service debt and provide returns to shareholders.  

Non-Recourse Financing for Inland Drilling Barges, Venezuela 


IDF was retained by two Asian trading companies that wanted to finance two drilling barges for a U.S. drilling company that had a multi-year drilling contract with Lagoven. IDF developed the detailed term sheet and intermediated negotiations between the trading companies and the drilling contractor. $40 million in non-recourse project financing was provided and then repaid through the assignment of contract revenues.

Equity Investment in a Mexican Construction Company


IDF was retained by a U.S. client to conduct due diligence concerning the viability of an equity investment in a leading Mexican construction contractor. IDF reviewed the health of the contractor and the progress of 12 ongoing construction projects and found that most projects had major cost and schedule issues. IDF also identified significant tax compliance and FCPA issues, and recommended that the client decline the investment.

Examples of IDF Projects:

Acquisition Search in the U.S. for a European Consultancy


IDF was retained by a European consultancy to screen approximately 20 potential acquisition candidates in the U.S., pursuant to the Client's criteria. After developing a detailed report, a short list of acquisition candidates was approved by the client. IDF approached the owners of these companies discreetly to determine if they would consider being acquired, and arranged initial meetings between company principals. 

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